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The FY2019 ICD-10-CM Code Changes Have Been Released – Are YOU Prepared?

Posted by David Fong on Jul 13, 2018 6:00:00 AM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the fiscal year (FY) 2019 ICD-10-CM (diagnosis) code changes last month. There are 473 code changes beginning October 1, 2018. They include 279 new codes, 143 revised codes, and 51 deactivated codes, according to the CDC website. In addition, there were 39 additional changes added from the proposed rule (list). The ability to code properly to these new and revised codes starting October 1 can make the difference in getting clean claim and being paid quickly or needless reimbursement delays.


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Even though the annual pace for ICD-10 codes changes has slowed since its change in 2015, there are still hundreds of new, revised, and deactivated codes that can materially impact healthcare providers' revenue streams.  It helps to have on your team a company that offers advanced medical coding solutions that guarantees accuracy and turnaround time. In the long run, this support is actually less costly and less hassle for practice managers, physicians, hospitals, health systems, providers and payers.


You can use Aviacode’s expert coders as a temporary solution for eliminating backlogs – possibly brought on by the new ICD-10 code changes -- or providing overflow coding coverage, or as a permanent transition of specific specialties or departments.


Aviacode uses only the best credentialed and experienced coders in the industry. All our coders are AAPC- or AHIMA-certified, have years of experience, and are continually working to improve their productivity and stay on top of changes in rules and regulations through ongoing training. Coding is our highest priority, and Aviacode contractually guarantees our coding services accuracy to give you peace of mind.

If your practice could benefit from clinical documentation training, it could also benefit from understanding whether any of these code changes will impact your practice. Let Aviacode help you embrace the new ICD-10 changes!

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