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Aviacode Joins AHIMA’s Outpatient/Physician Coding Month Celebration

Posted by David Fong on Sep 14, 2017 9:45:00 AM

Aviacode joins AHIMA in celebrating and showing our appreciation for all the outpatient coding professionals during the month of September.


A recent Black Book Market Research survey of nearly 1,000 hospital technology, financial and physician leaders found that coding and CDI have risen to the top of 2017 budget priorities. It found that the number of community and large hospitals contracting for external CDI services since October 2015 has doubled. 46 percent of hospitals surveyed with over 200 beds now currently outsource CDI audit, review and programming.


Hospital financial managers claim that the biggest motivators for adopting external CDI services are to provide improvements in case mix index, resulting in increased revenues and the best possible utilization of high value specialists.


Aviacode provides customized and flexible CDI solutions to help ensure accurate reimbursement, compliance and adoption of new concepts for ICD-10 documentation. Our documentation assessments and CDI analysis provide simple, effective, and affordable training that teaches documentation techniques necessary to improve reimbursement for coding under ICD-10 and can help identify areas of relevant compliance concerns.


Aviacode’s staff of certified and experienced trainers teaches the documentation techniques necessary to improve reimbursement. They help coders know what to look for to support different levels of severity and depth of care. They also assist physicians in clarifying and identifying the requirements for precise and complete documentation.  Among the documentation improvements benefits are:


  • Ensure accurate reimbursement
  • Improve compliance
  • Improve levels of specificity and accuracy
  • Decrease denials
  • Improve coding skills
  • Adjust to ICD-10 documentation changes
  • Produce cleaner claims



Topics: Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Coding