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How Goldilocks Would Select a Medical Coding Company

Posted by Ben Castleberry on Jul 14, 2015 1:30:00 PM


Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the classic tale by Robert Southey tells of Goldilocks exploring the home of the three bears and through the process of elimination determining the right fit for her needs. The porridge were too hot, too cold and then just right. The beds where Goldilocks laid down was, too hard, too soft, and of course, just right. If Goldilocks was faced with the overwhelming task of selecting a medical coding company for her health care needs, she would in no doubt go through the same process. Goldielocks


"This medical coding company is too Big; they offer no flexibility or customization for my individual needs."
"This medical coding company is too Small; they only have a couple of coders, no technology and cant possibly meet my individual needs."
"This medical coding company is just right... Innovative Technology, Exceptional Coders, and the ability to meet the unique individualized needs I have."


Before I write another word, I must admit to you the reader, this post will be less industry specific, and more Aviacode specific. However, by understanding where Aviacode fits will have value for anyone looking to outsource their medical coding. The goal is to help you understand the value of a medical coding company like Aviacode and why bigger and smaller coding companies don't offer the fit the majority of people are looking for. 


Working in marketing has afforded me the opportunity to speak with clients that Aviacode serves. The conversations have been and continue to be unique and specific to the client. No one client is alike, their needs vary in specificity and scope. I am continuously amazed how Aviacode is able to meet their ever growing demands. I have often asked myself, "Why would you ever go with a small or large medical coding company?" I believe Aviacode is exactly the right fit for anyone seeking help with their medical coding needs, and it boils down to 2 reasons.



The medical coding professionals at Aviacode truly are the best in the industry. The strict requirements that Aviacode places on them ensure quality coders. The dedication to continuous improvement demonstrates why Aviacode medical coders are a step above the field. Each coder is required to have years of medical coding experience before even being considered to join the hundreds of other Aviacode coders. They are required to have industry certifications. Perhaps the most important requirement is the vetting process they all go through to make certain they share the Aviacode vision of providing exceptional customer service without compromise. 


ProCoder is our proprietary technology that serves as a medical coding platform for all of our Medical Coders to work off of. This technology was innovative and on the forefront of medical coding technology when it was created 15 years ago, and continues to be on the forefront today as it evolves and expands do to the ever growing needs and complex situations our clients need fulfilled. 


If your Medical Coding is "too hard" or "too soft" perhaps you, like Goldilocks, are ready for a solution that is "just right."



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