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Outsource Your Coding Reason 5 of 10: Dedicated & Available

Posted by Ben Castleberry on Jul 13, 2015 11:43:00 AM

This is post 5 of a 10 post series on the top 10 reasons you should consider outsourcing your coding.

Tim Ferriss, best selling author of "The 4 Hour Work Week" writes at length about the importance of outsourcing. This common practice will not only help to improve business operations, it also allows you the personal time and flexibility to live your life how you want. Ferriss makes valid points that are extremely applicable for us as health care professionals. One point is the value of having dedicated and available partners for your business. Finding a partner that is available 24/7 is a rare and precious commodity. Finding a medical coder who is available and dedicated to you and your account is near impossible. 


The top 10 Reasons to Outsource your Medical Coding: Reason 5 of 10 Dedicated & Available

A recent customer success story highlights two reasons Aviacode displaced a previous medical coding company. This new client had a very specific set of needs for her facility. Like many health care facilities, these needs are complex and at times difficult to execute at a high level. When a problem arose, or a situation intensified, the previous medical coding company was not able to adapt to the demands of their client.


"They tried to put us into their mold, but our needs cannot be accommodated by a one size fits all solution."


This client was able to see the need for a medical coding company that could not only fulfill their individualized needs, but had the ability to do it around the clock whenever the situation dictated. When Aviacode was approached in regards to this specific situation, we discussed our Innovative technology and our exceptional coders.  Aviacodes coding engine ProCoder gives medical coders secure access to client data around the clock. This platform allows for flexibility and a rapid response to even the most complex situations. The ProCoder platform is not only accessible by the medical coder, but available to the client as well, giving 100% visibility into the coding process.  


For most health care facilities a small "sweet spot" exists within the medical coding world. Smaller companies have a small handful of medical coders that can't possibly cater to the custom demands each facility presents. Their availability is difficult, if its outside the 8-5 business hours, its non-existent. Larger companies are machines that only deal with round cogs for round holes, no exceptions. They have software dedicated to your account, not real human beings. If you are a cog that fits into the machine, it can be a good situation. However, most facilities have unique processes that need to be addressed individually. For those facilities, a sweet spot exists, a spot that is Aviacode. 



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