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Do Differentiators Exist in Medical Coding Services?

Posted by Ben Castleberry on Mar 14, 2016 8:07:09 AM

HIM Directors, VP of Rev Cycle, Coding Managers, etc. Have become inundated with medical coding companies claiming to have the secret sauce that will rid them of all their woes. Whether it be reducing backlogs, helping with denials, decreasing AR days, any medical coding company you speak with can make it all happen. The question becomes, how do you do it? What makes you different than every other company knocking on my door claiming they have 95% accuracy and 48 hour turnaround time? Screen_Shot_2016-03-08_at_10.06.43_AM-1.png


There are 3 key differentiators you should look for when evaluating a medical coding partner for your healthcare facility.


1. Coders - How good are they? Are they domestic certified coders with years of experience? Are they off-shore coders? Domestic doesn't always equal better, however, make sure you understand where your coders are, and their level of expertise. 


2. Service - This is an extremely arbitrary thing to evaluate, I get it. However, any great medical coding company should leave you feeling like you have a true partner that cares, is flexible to your situation and wants to make it work. Ask for referrals and make sure they have some customer success stories to legitimize their claims.


3. Software- Let's face it, we live in a world where software has become paramount in accelerating operations while remaining compliant and efficient. Without it, you slowly drift to the back of the pack and eventually become irrelevant. Relevant and innovative medical coding companies will have software built into their operations to help guarantee and exhibit the success of their medical coding numbers. The 95% accuracy and 48 hour turnaround time will no longer be legend but truth.




Interviewing Steve Erickson the CFO of Aviacode was extremely eye opening. When asked about the proprietary software Aviacode  uses (ProCoder) and how it helps the bottom line Steve explained how even the best coders increase their efficiency 20% +. Using these 3 key differentiators to measure your potential medical coding partners is key to a long and fruitful relationship. imploring these tactics will help your healthcare facility maximize your reimbursement while minimizing your compliance risks.






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