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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Medical Coding

Posted by Ben Castleberry on Sep 17, 2015 2:00:00 PM

Are you articulate, computer savvy and interested in joining one of the leading industries in the nation? If so, medical coding may be a smart career choice for you. Although, it is not ideal for everyone, the benefits, job security and high demand, are all great reasons why medical coding may be the ultimate dream job for some. Read on for more details about why one should choose a career in medical coding.


  1. Demand For Medical CodersMedical Coder


There is a growing need for medical coders and now is a good time to join this industry if you’re looking for a strong job market. With the impending switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10, we will soon see the demand for skilled medical coders with ICD-10 certification and training increase. The switch will take effect October 1st, 2015 and at that point, unless the state has been issued and extension, it will be required that all medical coding be done in ICD-10. This change will leave many healthcare and insurance providers unequipped to continue providing service at same capacity. In preparation for this switch many medical coding companies and healthcare service providers are seeking out coders with ICD-10 certification.


  1. Work Remotely


Although medical coders work in settings ranging from doctor’s offices to insurance agencies, many coders enjoy the benefit of working from home. This is appealing for those looking for a flexible work schedule or for those who live in a remote location. Other benefits include; elimination of stressful commutes, decrease on gas spend and increase of personal time. For parents, working remotely provides an alternative to daycare and also allows more one-on-one time with the kids.


  1. Potential For Growth And Promotion


Medical coding requires attention to detail, organization and strong critical thinking skills. These requirements are not for everyone and will eliminate those who are not cut out for the demands of this job. However, those who are prepared to handle these challenges will thrive in this position. Leaders in healthcare are aware of the importance for skilled medical coders and the vital role they play in the industry and will reward those who demonstrate these crucial skills.  


  1. Become Part Of One Of The Largest And Fastest Growing Industries


From an economic perspective, healthcare has been and continues to be one of the most stable and profitable industries in our nation. For those looking for a job with potential long-term investment, this industry is a smart choice. While many companies falter with fluctuations in the stock market and other economic variables, healthcare providers are always in demand. With the passage of Obamacare we have recently seen a boom in health insurance enrollment, resulting in an even greater demand of medical services. (Wegerer, 2015) This increase has also led to further need for medical coders to meet the needs of this increase.


  1. Start Your Own Business


Medical coders are often hired as independent contractors, working remotely as their own business. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur looking for a way to start your own company this may be a good opportunity for investment. After investing your time in gaining certification and training necessary you can expect to join a job market with many appealing opportunities. In 2012 the average salary was $47,870 for Certified Professional Coders (Medical Coding And Billing Career Information And Job Outlook , 2013).




Although, this blog is titled “The Top 5 Reasons….” Here is bonus reason #6 for choosing medical coding as your career.


  1. Provide An Invaluable Service


Coders provide an essential service to the healthcare and insurance providers. Medical coders may not be in the spotlight or at the front line, yet without them, neither of these industries would be able to do their job. Coders provide the language for insurance companies to decipher claims and begin processing payments. Without high quality and detailed codes insurance companies cannot process the claims that ultimately keep our healthcare system in business. Looking at the much larger picture, can you imagine what would happen to our economy if an industry as large as the healthcare system wasn’t able to do business, how many jobs and lives that would impact?


 To summarize, right now is a critical time in the healthcare. With the impending switch to ICD-10 and the continuing effects of Obamacare, leaders in this industry are taking initiative to prepare and also deal with ongoing changes, directly translating to the increase of jobs for medical coders. If the benefits and reasons above resonated with you, this is the time to take consider a career in medical coding.



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