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Fewer Primary Care Practices Struggling A Year After COVID-19

OIG: Rise in Hospital Stays at the Highest Severity Level are Vulnerable to Upcoding

Hospital Revenues Expect to Remain Impacted in 2021 as Improvements in Medical Coding Look to Close the Gap

CMS Physician Fee Schedule Includes E/M Coding Updates for 2021

Eight Key Steps to Coding Audits

Vendor Management Key to Optimizing RCM Outsourcing

Physician Coding Errors Led to Millions in Overpayments For Stroke Patients, Says OIG

Hospital Financial Performances Starting to Recover As Providers Increasingly Consider Outsourcing

Medical Coding Errors for Severe Malnutrition Led to $1B in Overpayments, According to OIG

Appeals Court Nixes Fraud Case, Affirms Health System's Coding & CDI Practices

Medicare Payment Rates Announced for COVID-19 Test CPT Codes

Telehealth Usage Skyrocketing During This Pandemic

Medical Coding COVID-19 Challenges and Answers

National Coding Contest Indicates Outpatient Coding Quality Challenges

People-Centered RCM to Bend the Healthcare Cost Curve

Physician Documentation and Coding Can Have Significant Provider Impact

CMS Latest Final Rule Updates Office/Outpatient E/M Coding and Documentation Policies

Healthcare Waste Eclipses U.S. National Defense Budget, Study Finds

Mammography Coding Changes Highlighted During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Medical Groups and Hospitals Support CMS Proposal to Abandon E/M Coding Changes

Big Changes for Long-Term Care Coding and Billing with New PDPM Rules

Managing E/M Modifier and Incident-to Services Coding

Check Your E/M Coding to Avoid Costly Recoupments

Be Prepared for the ICD-10-CM Coding Changes for FY 2020

Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Continues with Focus on Accountability

Adapting to Changes in Dermatology Coding

Find the Hidden Dollars in Your Hospital

$2 Million Settlement Highlights Coding and Billing Fraud Problems

Health System Files for Bankruptcy Citing Revenue Cycle Vendor Issues

MedPAC Recommends CMS Change to ED Coding

84% of Industry Leaders Points to Coding and Clinical Documentation as Challenging Revenue Cycle Problems in Recent Survey

Auditing Process More Meaningful than a Random Sample Selection

Physician Group to Pay $1.85 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations of Medicare Overbilling

Mid-Revenue Cycle Management Market Heating Up

Revenue Optimization: Medical Coding and Documentation

DOJ Joins Whistleblower Lawsuit Accusing Health System of Submitting Unsupported Diagnosis Codes

The Top Risk Areas for Healthcare Organizations in 2019

The Value of Outside Coding Consultants

Ninety-three Percent of Healthcare Executives Are Seeking Improved Data Analytics and CDI

Coding Quality Assurance Is Universal

DaVita Subsidiary Settles Risk Adjustment Billing Case for $270 Million

Responding to RCM Challenges and Weighing Decisions about Whether to Partner

AMA Releases 2019 CPT Code Set

Federal Policies to Decrease Hospital Payments by $218B by 2028 – Are You Prepared?

Maximize Coding Productivity By Bringing Professional and Facility Coding Together

Prevent Medical Coding Fraud and Abuse Claims Before They Happen

CMS Proposed Rule Reduces Evaluation and Management Coding Burden

Hospitals Now Allowed to Use Non-Physician Documentation to Support Coding for Social Determinants of Health

The FY2019 ICD-10-CM Code Changes Have Been Released – Are YOU Prepared?

Outsourced Clinical Documentation Functions Enhance Patient Care and Healthcare Revenue

OIG Sample Finds that More than 60% of Therapy Claims Don’t Meet Medicare Requirements

Don’t Lose Potential Revenue Due to Staffing Errors

The Rising Costs of Healthcare Billing

Accurate Coding and Documentation Are Critical in Today’s Value-Based Care Environment

Overcoding and Overbilling: Two Problems with an Easy Solution

Aviacode Joins AHIMA in Celebrating Health Information Professionals Week 2018

Proposed CMS Risk-Adjustment Changes Could Lower Medicare Advantage Revenue

KLAS Outsourced Coding 2018 Report Shows an Increasingly Competitive Market with 54% of Providers Maintaining or Increasing Their Outsourcing

Healthcare Executives Survey Cites Cost Transformation Need as Revenue Cycle Management Improvement Has Jumped to Top Hospital Priority

Stop Challenges Before They Happen with a Comprehensive Accuracy Review of Coding-Related Practices

Revenue Cycle Management Expected to Grow 11% Annually

Hospitals are Reprioritizing Revenue Cycle Management Upgrades Above Other Initiatives

Coding Contest Finding 41% Outpatient Coder Accuracy Demonstrates the Need for Improvement

Average Hospital Leaves $22 Million on the Table Due to Poor Revenue Cycle Performance

Outsourced Coding and Health Information Management Market Expected to Double in 2018 – Aviacode Once Again Ranked Among the Top Outsourced Coding Vendors

Can Your Specialty Use Help with the New 2018 ICD-10 Coding Changes?

Final ICD-10-CM Codes for 2018 Are Varied and Complex – Are You Ready?

DOJ Takes Action on Medicare Advantage Overpayments

Aviacode Joins AHIMA’s Outpatient/Physician Coding Month Celebration

Better Coding and Record Keeping Can Improve Care and Reimbursements for High-Risk Patients

Five Ways to Reduce Healthcare Administrative Costs Includes Outsourcing

HCC Coding Needs Rise as Medicare Advantage Gains Increased Popularity

Aviacode Joins AHIMA’s CDI Month Celebration

Coding and Patient Financial Services – Working Together to Create a Healthy Revenue Stream

How to Become a Medical Coder

4 Common Trends in Healthcare Finance for 2016

The After Effects of the Transition to ICD-10

Increase Revenue by Improving Patient Satisfaction

3 Secrets of Hospitals successfully Increasing Revenue

4 Ways Healthcare Organizations can Escalate Profitability

Medical Coding Certifications

5 Time Management Tips for Healthcare Professionals

3 Ways to Prevent Revenue Leakage in Healthcare

5 Common E/M Coding Errors to Avoid

Who Participates in Medical Coding

A Brief History of Medical Coding

How Your Ambulatory Surgical Center Can Avoid a RAC Audit

Ambulatory Surgical Center Medical Coding Differentiators

3 ways to make your Ambulatory Surgical Center Profitable

4 Secrets ASC’s Need to Keep Medical Coding Consistent

Do Differentiators Exist in Medical Coding Services?

Get Paid Traveling the World As a Medical Coder

"My Best Medical Coder Just Quit, Now What..."

Secrets to Increasing Revenue through Claim Denials

The Top 3 Secrets of Medical Coding

Dr. Chillax vs Dr. Buggin - {Infographic}

Important Things For Medical Coders To Know Post ICD-10

The Top 5 Things That Go Wrong When Physicians Don't Document Properly

Hey Doc, ICD-10 Affects You Too!

Physicians Not Documenting Properly for ICD-10

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Medical Coding

The Business of Medical Coding: Part 4 of 4 "The Assault on Healthcare"

The Business of Medical Coding: Part 3 of 4 "Healthcare Regulations"

Outsource Your Coding Reason 10 of 10: Highly Educated Medical Coders

Outsource Your Coding Reason 9 of 10: Support & Access to Information

The Business of Medical Coding: Part 2 of 4 "United States of Healthcare"

Are Medical Coders that Bad at E/M Coding?

The Business of Medical Coding: Part 1 of 4 "The Physician"

$16M Investment Big News for Aviacode and the Healthcare Industry Overall

Health Information Managers, Be HIM & Heard

Learning from the Australia and Canada ICD-10 Implementation

Outsource Your Coding Reason 8 of 10: Reduce Accounts Receivable Time

Outsource Your Coding Reason 7 of 10: Current & Innovative

Outsource Your Coding Reason 6 of 10: Great Customer Service

How Goldilocks Would Select a Medical Coding Company

Outsource Your Coding Reason 5 of 10: Dedicated & Available

Outsource Your Coding Reason 4 of 10: Secure & Compliant

Outsource Your Coding Reason 3 of 10: Reduce Costs

Outsource Your Coding Reason 2 of 10: Scale

Outsource Your Coding Reason 1 of 10: ICD-10 Experienced Coders

How Medical Coding Fits into the Revenue Cycle

CMS Testing of ICD-10 “Successful & Ready to Take Next Step”